Inspirational Quote Tuesday (IQT)

Every Tuesday for the last few months, I have had an inspirational quote (sometimes an affirmation) with my picture in it posted onto my Facebook.

I began doing this project for a few reasons.

1) My confidence and self-esteem was pretty low a few months ago while I was in turmoil in the heat of my failing previous relationship, the true onset of my disorder and the stress I was feeling from both.

2) I wanted to do something that made me feel better by reaching out to others. I have received positive feedback ever since from it.

3) I wanted something that had my picture in it. There are times when I feel the nagging voices in the back of my head, telling me I am ugly and worthless and horrible. Incorporating my picture with the positive and inspirational quotes helped me mentally link my picture with good things and good vibes. It has made me feel a lot better!

So without further ado, here’s this week’s Inspirational Quote Tuesday!

February 16, 2013


February 19, 2013



February 12, 2013



February 5, 2013


January 22, 2013



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