About Me



Hi, and welcome to my little soapbox that is Sunflower Mania. Thanks for coming by. :]


I’m Kirsten and I am a 23-year-old budding social worker from Massachusetts. I am currently studying for my Master’s in Social Work at a nearby college in Boston, and graduated with my B.A. in Psychology and minors in German and Sociology from UMass Amherst 2 years ago. I have held down many psychology/social work related jobs in the last five years, and my passion for helping others in need has grown ten-fold with every passing year. I have helped treat and care for many patients in my few years of experience. My career goal is to someday be a licensed therapist and treat patients and clients in a one-on-one private setting. I am a long while (and a number of licenses) away from achieving that goal, but I am striving every day for my dream.

Aside from studying for my Master’s, I am babysitting as a low-stress part time job. I like to out with my friends, and with my amazing boyfriend, AJ. I love trying new foods, reading, and traveling. I am also interested in fashion, politics and stand-up comedy.



You can contact me at sunflowermania@gmail.com.


There are a number of reasons as to why I wanted to start this blog. Firstly, and most basic, is that I do love to write. I’d take a ten-page essay over a test any day! But seriously,  writing has always been a passion of mine; I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with others.

A second, and more important reason, as to why I started this blog, is because for the past six months or so, I have felt incredibly sad, depressed, guilty, weighed down, with little to no motivation to get myself to do much of anything at all. I had attempted starting a “real” blog about a year ago, but gave up on it because I was working a lot at the time, and then applied to graduate school. A little hopeful voice called to me some number of weeks ago and told me to go back to it. So here we are.

Thirdly, I want to provide support for those that could use a little sunshine, a little inspiration in their lives. I want to be here for those that suffer from the same things as I do. I want to be able to put a smile on other peoples’ faces. I am hoping that this blog will be just the outlet for that!



So… Why Sunflower Mania?

If there’s one small fact about me that most everyone knows, it is that I love sunflowers.


I honestly can’t tell you what it is about sunflowers that I have such a strong connection towards. Maybe it’s the way they turn their heads towards the sun. Maybe it’s their bright, cheerful colors. Maybe it’s because they reach towards the sky and grow to very tall heights. In Chinese symbolism, the sunflower represents happiness, vitality, life and flexibility.

Whatever their supposed meanings, they make me immeasurably happy. Just seeing one makes my heart joyful, and that’s all that matters. This blog is an outlet for me, and a small  step towards becoming happier and sharing my positive outlook, inspirations, and affirmations to others. I think the sunflower is an excellent symbol for that too.

Love, love, love

– K x


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