Resolutions vs. Sankalpa

Holy cow. I have not written here, or even publicly, since May.

It is not too surprising that I come upon this again around the beginning of the New Year. Things are shifting again, and there is a quiet urge to figure out what resolutions I am going to hold myself to and most likely, fail at, for this upcoming year. I sincerely hope blogging is not one of these, but I am not making any kind of promise/resolution or whatever about that. I simply came upon the idea that I shall be expanding upon herein and felt a tug to share it. Like a lightning strike, my brain reminded me about my long forgotten WordPress blog, and here we are. Funny how things present themselves when you need them.

I thought just a short while ago, about New Years, and Resolutions. Resolutions often ask us to give something up. For me, in the past, it’s been thoughts of giving up sweets, or certain foods, or alcohol. I’ve promised to read 30 books a year, or lose 20 pounds, etc. Resolutions, for the most part, have had a focus on what I have been doing wrong, and have implied that I am doing things wrong, or that I have not been doing enough, or that I, myself, am not enough.

A Sankalpa – kalpa meaning “idea” or “imagination” or even “creation” – is a focus on what we’d like to call into our life. In this way, the focus shifts from a place of lack – not having lost enough weight or not feeling good enough in my body, or needing to give up something I enjoy (an alcoholic drink, chocolate or carbs) – towards a place of receiving, and loving abundance.

Saying something like “I want to lose 20 pounds” as a Resolution, this signals lack. You attract what you think, so if the mind is focused on such lack, you cannot receive. Your Resolution will fail. You will not lose the weight fast enough, and say forget this, and give up your Resolution.

What needs to happen is a creation, a Sankalpa. Imagine your best life, the best results, and direct your energy towards that.

Letting go of expectations. Let go of start and end dates. Forget the scale and the numbers and the calorie counting and how many days it’s been since you last ate carbs or chocolate or drank alcohol. Create freedom for yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Don’t beat yourself up.

Now, that is not the same as having goals, dreams or desires. Be clear about what you desire. But re-frame and do not blame yourself – put yourself in a place of knowing that all that you already are and have is all you need. Come from a place of abundance, and abundance is what you shall receive. You are enough.


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