“Our first and last love is self-love.”

There are many, many times where I feel just… well, crappy. It’s hard to say whether I am predisposition-ed to be in a crappy mood often, but either way, I know it happens, and when it does, it sucks inspiration right out of me. It is these times that I know that practicing “self-love” is absolutely imperative to my inner happiness, growth, and motivation. 



So how do I show myself love and take my “inspiration vitamins” in the morning? There’s a number of ways that I show myself love.

1. Meditation. Sometimes it’s only five minutes; sometimes I have managed to sit still for over half an hour. I am still learning a lot about meditation and how to do it “effectively”, but clearing and stilling my mind has never felt so good. It gives me time to connect with my inner spirit, and to repeat some affirmations, which brings me to my next point. 

2. Affirmations. Generally this always occurs right before sleep. I will get into the position of sleep to soothe myself, and then I will silently start repeating affirmations. Thus far, most of my affirmations have been simple: “You are beautiful”, “You are wonderful”, “Tomorrow will be a good day”, etc. By repeating these over and over and over, I have started to really internalize them. They are good things for my mind to fall asleep upon thinking about.

3. Walk. Sounds simple enough, and it is. Just getting outside helps me. Fresh air rejuvenates me. Being out in nature reminds me that there’s beauty all around, and makes me feel infinitely better. Good weather is always a plus!

There are tons of other ways I combat bad feelings (reading, journaling, blogging, listening to loud music, dancing around, hot showers, hot tea), so you should find yours and practice some self-love. After all, you deserve it!

Choose joy. Smile for the hell of it. 

Love, love, love, 

– K x


About sunflowermania

I realize I may not be everyone's cup of tea; I'd rather be someone's shot of tequila anyway.
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