Some Healthy Eats pt.1

Hi lovely folks,

If you follow me on Instagram (@ithoughtofhim), you’d know that I post a lot of pictures… about food. I don’t like to annoy others with tons of pics of food items, but seriously, healthy food really gets me going. I like to share with others to show that I am following through with eating healthier. So without further ado: some of my eats!



These were all natural, gluten free, kosher, with 100% sunflower oil. Non-GMO products and non-GMO sunflower oil. No preservatives. Not to mention they had a little kick at the end. They were so good!



Last weekend I was craving some cookies, so I made these puppies. All natural. No artificial ingredients. I accidentally burnt a few, but the rest were good!



These are my jam. Less than $2 at Trader Joe’s. Vegan. No artificial colors or flavors. I love love LOVE falafel. Good in a wrap, or salad, or by itself.



I found these at Shaw’s about a week ago. I was amazed. They were on sale which helped me in buying them. All natural. No extra ingredients. Just sweet potato, salt and pepper. They were so good… they were gone in 2 days.



These are awesome, especially for me, because I’m constantly on-the-go. I don’t want to give up being healthy just because I’m busy. These have no added sugar, no colorings or flavorings. No concentrate. Dairy and gluten free. Just lovely apples, peaches and apricots in an easy to squeeze pouch. :]



Since my latest discoveries into the world of the dangers in dairy, I have been trying alternatives. I have almond milk in the fridge, which I love, but coconut milk has been the new adventure of the week. No dairy, and soy free. Gluten free and vegan. Can’t complain, tastes good!



OMG, these. are. so. GOOD. I stay away from red meats these days (still much love for chicken and seafood), so these are good alternative. I tend to break these up into wraps and salads. Vegan heaven.



Last, but certainly not least. These are not cheap. About $7 a pint. FoMu is a place down the street from me that sells alternative ice cream. Full info here:

That’s all for now, lovies! You’re welcome for the food porn. ;]

Love, love, love,

– K x



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One Response to Some Healthy Eats pt.1

  1. Oh man I NEED to pick up those falafels next time I go to TJ’s!

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