Kick the Diets.

Now that spring is rolling around and people are seeking to look fit and trim for the warmer weather, I am seeing a lot of friends turning to a “diet” or “dieting”. I just want to say that diet is equivalent to failure. Diets don’t get you much of anywhere, and even if they do, the “successes” (i.e. weight loss, etc) are fleeting and don’t serve you long term. If you want to see results and feel and look healthier, it’s time for a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Changing physically what you do and what you eat, eating better food, feeling centered mentally and exercising is what will win you a hot bod and a healthier mindset. Please consider a nutritional lifestyle change, and kick the dieting to the curb where it belongs.

I will be posting more info on here in the days to come, along with the discussion of my juice cleanse. :]

Love, love, love,

– K x


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I realize I may not be everyone's cup of tea; I'd rather be someone's shot of tequila anyway.
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